Makeup Lessons


Most woman have never been taught how to properly do their makeup for their coloring, eye shape and own personal style. In her many years of doing makeovers, Anna has heard this statement over and over again.

There is a need for woman to learn makeup application from a professional that has your best interest in mind. Anna has years of experience doing makeup on a variety of clients, and will gladly share her knowledge with you in a one on one lesson. The format of the lesson is as follows:

1)  Bring all of your makeup! Anna will sort thru your cosmetic wardrobe and advise
     you of what to keep and what to get rid of.

2)  Discussion of what colors will bring out your own natural coloring & why they work best for you.

3)  Step by step "every day" makeup application. Anna will do one side of the face &
     you will apply the makeup to the other side. You will learn by doing & by taking
     detailed notes on a face chart.

4)  After your "everyday" look is complete, Anna will teach you how to take the
     makeover into an "evening or special occasion look."

We will complete the lesson with questions & answers. Also, suggestions will be made on products & companies to purchase from,  if you need to add to your makeup wardrobe. You will walk away from this lesson with skill & confidence in doing your  own makeup.

                                                                     LESSON FEE

                                                             $75 UP TO 1 1/2 HOURS
                                                   $25 EACH ADDITIONAL 1/2  HOUR

PRIVATE LESSONS ARE OFFERED ONLY AT OUR STUDIO LOCATION.  PLEASE CALL TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT. (954) 943-2190 or you may use our online form to schedule an appointment.

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